Thursday, August 26, 2010


                               RECONCILIATION: NWODO’S
                                   MAGIC WAND FOR PDP

                                      By Obinwa NNAJI

The last few weeks have witnessed a flurry of activities within and outside the imposing Wadata Plaza housing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja, in response to a Reconciliation Train driven by no other than the new National Chairman, of the party, Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo .

Realizing after taking over the mantle of leadership, that the party had contentious and outstanding issues to be sorted out, he quickly rolled out a mediation machinery, which has, to all intents and purposes been successful in  reconciling hitherto estranged fellow party members,

In one fell swoop, aggrieved and warring party members from several state branches of the party took turns at the headquarters in a bid to finding a collective solution to their impasse and to engender a new spasm of cooperation in the true spirit of brotherliness and reconciliation.

Agreed there are few areas yet to be finally harmonized, but the score card so far has been very impressive and most party members spoken to commend the National Chairman for spiritedly pursuing peace and initiating such egalitarian policy of bringing everyone on board for the greater tasks ahead.

The challenges of reconciling members with hard-held views definitely cannot be a tea party. In most cases, the parley had lasted till in the wee hours of the morning with Dr Nwodo insisting that all genuine party officers work in unison for the general good irrespective of whose ox is gored.

Perhaps to demonstrate his willingness to crack the seed of isolation, he chose to primus begin from home as the maxim aptly admonishes that charity indeed ought to begin from the backyard. He assembled all the embittered party members, and people of Enugu State in a no holds-barred meeting in Abuja.

In attendance, were all the key players in the state, governor, state and national legislators, local government chairmen, party officials, the academia and other stakeholders in the Enugu polity. Speaker after speaker expressed his or her misgivings pointing out the several flaws that needed to be corrected. Moderating the highly sensitive assemblage, Dr Nwodo was able to calm nerves with soothing words for all. There is no gain-saying that everyone left the venue satisfied hoping that those who received the greatest reprimand would turn a new leaf.

In quick successions therefore the party headquarters met with representatives of aggrieved party members from Enugu, Kano, Bauchi, Oyo, Adamawa and a host of other states where the reconciliation methodology  is being perfected.

The hitherto divisive tendencies in Kano just like other States, are beginning to be thrown aside .Recently in a well attended rally in Kano, the PDP top big wigs in that State, who had in the past turned their back to the party, assembled in a total show of solidarity with a strong statement that they had returned to reclaim the state governorship the party had lost narrowly to the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), in the last general elections.

Given the protracted nature of most issues causing disaffection in some volatile areas, Dr Nwodo seem confident that a lasting solution would be found as he has set up several mediating groups assuaging those holding rigid positions to give way for better understanding in the overall good for the party.

There is no gain-saying that those who depend on the party in more ways than one, always out to create disaffection, acrimony and milk the party dry, would be impervious to reasoning but they have no choice than to do a rethink.

Dr Nwodo indeed carries a big cross. A cross of a reformist who wants the best for his party in an election year. A torch bearer for a change won’t ride the horse easily. He is bound to be buffeted hither and thither but the larger party members and Nigerians applaud and appreciate this new stance of Dr Nwodo for orderliness, public decorum, togetherness, and ensuring that the peoples’ choice eventually gets elected.

The initiatives he had begun, should not be personalized. It must be a sing-song of respected party chieftains in all the nooks and crannies of the country so that the momentum for genuine reconciliation of members is sustained. Language of war-war, cannot help. There is more to gain in unity of purpose instead of dissipating energies and creating furor which is inimical to the party’s electoral fortunes.

In almost all the political parties, events over the years have shown painfully that the parties suffer from image deficit, trust deficit, lack of proper organization and more importantly lack of focus. This hydra-headed problem is what the Enugu-born former Governor Dr Nwodo had embraced to put aright in the PDP.

His reconciliation train therefore has taken off to a good start without convulsing, and as the train roars through the tracks of the party at national, state, local government and ward levels, it is fervently hoped that the encumbrances and man-made craters would allow  the train to berth at the stations.


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